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Meet Danny V. Roque...
Entrepreneur & Hydration Specialist for ENAGIC
"Gil man what you are doing is BIG! I know you've got alot of skills and could be doing some other crazy money making things with them... but what you're choosing to do by helping Men become Better Versions of themselves?!...

Thats different! It's BOLD and takes Leadership and I just wanna let you know I believe in you man! Anybody who meets you, or gets the chance to come across you is going to fel it in your energy. You're ALIVE! 

It's Inspiring Bro, Thank You! 
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Meet Joshua Copeland
San Diego's TOP Rated Copywriter & Entrepreneur 
Meet Chris Freeman
High Ticket Closer & Entrepreneur
"If you've truly invested in Gil, he'll go above the call-to-action to deliver on his promise and make sure that it comes through! 

Before my success- I had not alot of money, but I needed to attend a 3-day mentor event out in Southern California to learn more about my Online business. I originally live in England. I asked him if I could stay at his place and help me in the mean time...

Well... long story short, Despite his already busy schedule I made it All 3-Days! 

We collaborated and became good friends.
I later returned home after that event, not fully getting what I wanted from the event but realized Gil Franklin is someone you can Rely on."  
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